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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)



Does Asiaairsoft.com match competitors pricing?


Although it is not always possible to match the prices offered by our competitors, we would like the opportunity to win your business.


On the product pages, there is a "price match" button. Simply click on the button and enter the lower price you saw, and the source for the price then send it to us. We will try to match the price and update the price displayed on our site.


Prices considered for Price Match must be for IN STOCK products and available as a NEW item at a retail web based store, with full e-commerce functionality, a valid SSL certificate and credit card verification. Exact brands, packaging, items, model numbers and part numbers must match to qualify for Price Match requests.


 As verification of competitors pricing is done manually, please allow 3-7 business days for the Price Match process.



Where do you ship ?



We ship all over the world. For countries where there exist requirements regarding the appearance or power of airsoft guns like the U.S., Japan… etc., we will perform the appropriate modifications prior to shipping.


For countries where airsoft is illegal like Malaysia, Singapore …etc., shipping is at the customer’s own risk and AsiaAirsoft will not be held liable for seizures by customs. We could try to assist customers to disassemble guns or weapon-like replica as you request to increase the chance to receive the order. Please kindly note that for those countries where airsoft are illegal, we could only accept “Credit Card & Paypal" as payment method.

法 律上、トイガンの輸入に対して、問題がありますの国、例えば:マレーシアやシンガポール等色々な国にもしお客様が特別ご依頼しても発送が出来ますが、商品 はそれらの国の税関に没収されたのリスクが大きいのため、当方までに追求するの法律上の責任と没収されたの商品の代金、送料の追討には一切認めません、こ のことはお客様がご自身に負担の必要がありますのでご了承ください。

そ して、商品がお客様までに無事到着の成功率を上がるため、ハンドガンやライフルなどのトイガン類を分解、そして何個分に分けて発送するの依頼も受理できま す、ですが、そのために多くに増えましたの送料と手数料はお客様ご自身が負担の必要がありますので、このこともご了承ください。

また、このような特別依頼の送金方法は「Credit Card送金」、「Paypal送金」この両方しか受け付けません。


What are the available shipping methods?


Airsoft Helper offers “regular airmail post”, “registered airmail post ”(for order below 2.0kg) , “EMS speed post” and “express courier (like TNT, UPS…etc.)” shipping methods. For “express courier”, shipping costs must be chosen when you going through to check out page as the cost is not only depends on the shipping weight , but also the dimension of the parcel . For customers who would like to choose express courier as the shipping method for their orders , we would inform you the cost by e-mail after checking the prices with dimension of the parcel from express courier company.

当方エアソフトヘルパーから提供するの配送方法は幾種類があります:香港郵便局の(エアメール、EMS speed post)、そしてTNTとUPS等の配送方法も提供できます。



How much is shipping ?


Normally, We are currently shipping to Worldwide for FREE SHIPPING (NO SUBCHARGE). Unless You choose other faster way for shipping the parcels out your Country.

通常我々は現在(NO SUBCHARGE送料無料のために世界的に出荷されています。あなたは、あなたの国うち小包を出荷するための他の高速な方法を選択しない限り、

How are Tax and Customs duties handled?

Because Asiaairsoft sends products from Hong Kong (a free port), there is no sales tax or duties imposed by the Hong Kong government. Customers do not have to pay any sales tax or export duties when they purchase from Asiaairsoft.


If the package is checked by their country’s customs office when the item arrives in their country, however, customers are responsible for import duties, tariffs, and taxes.



で すが、もしご購入しましたの商品の合計金額は結構大きくの場合インヴォイスの金額が低すぎると税関に怪しまれるのかの性がありますので、この場合はイン ヴォイスに適切に金額を記入し税関に少しだけ税金を取られるの対応するもします、勿論ぽ客様がご依頼すれば当方は限界までに低めの金額をインヴォイスに記 入するのも可能です。

How do I pay ?


There are various methods of payment including Paypal , Western union and Credit Card Direct (Pay Dollar). Customers may choose any one of them at your convenient.

ご支払いの方法は三種類があります:Paypal送金、Paydolalr送金、Western Union送金、この三種があります、お客様はお好きなご送金方法お選べば宜しいのです。

Paypal (Payment time : Immediate)


Simply place an order on Asiaairsoft and select PAYPAL as you desired form of payment. You will be directed to the Paypal website automatically at the end of your checkout process.



Credit Card Direct(PayDollar)(Payment time : Immediate)

Credit Card Direct(PayDollar)(支払い時間:即時)



Bank Wire Transfer ( Payment time : 3 -7 days)


Choose this option could get a 4% discount on total price of your order. Please kindly note that there is an additional USD$16 Bank Processing Charge would be added to the total cost of the order when you are checking out.

こ の方法で選択しご送金すれば、同じくご注文商品の合計金額の4%割引サービスが出来ます(送料のほうは定額のため割引サービスには適用できません、ご了承 ください)、この方法でご送金すればお客様がご利用の銀行の手数料以外、当方が利用しましたの香港側の銀行が送金者に対するの手数料の$16USDが発生します、この手数料もお客様側がご負担しますのでこのことにご了承ください。


What happens if I receive a faulty product?



Our customer service team will be here to assist you. Please contact support@asiaairsoft.com and send the details including order number, product code, photos of the faulty product and description of the faulty product.


も し万が一間違えたの商品、不良品などの商品が受け取れましたの場合、是非このメールアドレスにご連絡し、ご注文の番号、製品名、製品番号、それに商品の写 真など出来るだけ詳しくの説明資料を当方のこのメールアドレスに送ってください、資料はより詳しくですれば対応もより早くに出来ます、宜しくお願いいたし ます。


Can I cancel my order?


Yes, you can cancel your order by sending email to support@asiaairsoft.com . However, order cannot be cancelled once it was already packed or shipped. Once it is shipped, no refund will be made for items or shipping costs.


で すが、発送しましたの商品を誤ってキャンセルするの状況に発生しなく為、ご注文をキャンセルできるの期限は商品が発送された前にまだ出来ます、もしご注文 しましたの商品は既に発送されたの場合、ご注文のキャンセルは受理できません、ですが個別な状況による(例えば、ご注文がバックオーダーにされ)まだキャ ンセルに出来るの場合があります、この点にご注意ください。


Do you have a return policy?



The return policy applies to any purchase made through Asiaairsoft.com retail website. We offer a 3 Days Return Policy for factory defective items from the date of arrival at your shipping address. A 15% handling fee of the item price would be charged for ANY returned item. Customer is responsible for the return shipping costs.

一 旦お客様のところに到着しましたの商品(メーカーの出荷から欠陥ありの商品)を当方に返品するのサービスはあります、商品はお客様のところに到着の日から 3日以内の返品は受理できます、ですが、返品の際、オーダーの金額の15%の金額が手数料になります、そして、当方までの送料はお客様がご負担するの必要 があります、ご注意ください。

Is there any requirement for the return item(s)?



The returned item from customer must meet the requirements stated below:


・Customers are responsible for shipping charges when they are returning any of the merchandises.


・Any item lost in the mail will NOT be responsible by airsofthelper.com.


・Customized products are not refundable in any circumstances.


・All returns, for any reason, must be packaged with instruction booklets and all other supplied accessories when it was first delivered to you.


・Before you return your items, you must contact us and receive a Return Merchandise Authorization Number (RMA).


・Any returns sent without a RMA number will not be accepted by Airsoft Helper.



・Please include the following information when returning an item:



・The RMA number requested from our customer service team.


・A copy of your original invoice with the RMA number (inside the shipping box).


・A note stating the reason of the return.


Can you ship to United Kingdom with UKARA registered members/without an UKARA Member?

For UKARA Registered members
If you are a UKARA registered member, then we can ship to you without any problems. After you place your order online with us, one of our customer service representatives will email you and ask for your UKARA number. Once you provide it, we will look into the UKARA database to confirm your details. Once confirmed, we will ship your gun to you along with your UKARA number in the shipping invoice so that customs can check it.

Let me know if you have any additional questions.

For Non-UKARA Members
Alternatively We can import guns to UK. Please contact us for further details what to do.
Email: support@asiaairsoft.com

How do you handle orange paint and trademarks for the US?

For US customers, the US Federal Law requires every airsoft gun to be installed with an orange tip. All real gun trademarks are required to be removed. Generally, there won’t be no orange tip for customers outside US.

We will cover all the trademarks all over the guns before we ship out to US.

I live in New Zealand. Can I order airsoft guns? Do you provide semi-auto alteration service??

For New Zealand, you may only import SEMI-AUTO guns. You can inquire with us on whether we can convert the gun you want into semi-auto mode (for US$25.00 for this Modification, you may able to add this fee when you are placing the order), although all guns can be modified in this manner.

Here is the Details:

Further Details about Canadian Customers

a) Is it able to import any Pistols to Canada legal?
In Fact, Depend on the FPS that can be modified up the Range of FPS. Somehow, most of the Pistols are not able to do it.
For this matter Asiaairsoft is taken them as part for importing those to Canada, and it's properly suceeded.

For Further details regarding the Pistols Imported. Please email us for further details: support@asiaairsoft.com

b) Is it able to import any Rifle/Guns to Canada Legally?
Yes, Some of the Guns are met the requirement of the Canada Muzzle Velocity. Please Look of each specification on the gun you want to purchase.
Alternatively, those gun can be modified up to the legal of Muzzle Velocity and Customer must be paid for the fee. Please select when you purchase.

I live in Brazil/Argentina/Chile/Australia/Malaysia/Singapore. Can I order airsoft guns?
Normally, We do shipped most of guns to Brazil except the Machine Guns, and the Sniper Rifles. We Also provide FREE SHIPPING
For Above Countries, unless you want to have special requests for the packaging (E.g.: Break Apart)

As our Opinion, We suggest you to choose the Special Request service in order to getting another opportunity to get those arrived.

I don’t receive any response from your email, why?

どのような状況でAirsoft Helperが返事出来ませんか?

Please allow up to two business days for us to reply your emails, and please check with your junk email folder, because sometimes your email filtering may block our emails.



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